Bridgeport Community Centre


Our 60 year history began in the late 50’s when the Village of Bridgeport Recreation Committee was created to manage recreational activities for the Village of Bridgeport. In the mid 70’s after the Village was amalgamated with the City of Kitchener, the committee evolved into the Bridgeport Community Recreation Association, which was renamed the Bridgeport Community Association (BCA) in the mid 90’s.

The Bridgeport Community Centre has been serving Bridgeport and the surrounding community since 1970 and is located next to the Grand River on Tyson Drive. The Centre was originally built and operated by the Village of Bridgeport. 

Shortly after the amalgamation, the City of Kitchener turned over the operation of the Centre to the BCA (1979 - 2011), supported by a grant from the City. In late 2011, after major renovations to the Centre, the City took over building operations. The Bridgeport Community Association continues to organize the majority of the recreational programming and community special events at the Centre.

The BCA’s Annual General Meeting takes place in April and copies of the BCA Annual Report and updated Constitution are available upon request. Our current 2017 BCA Board of Directors consists of:

  • Lynda Hayward (BCA President)

  • Joanne Buchholzer (Director-at-large focusing on Promotions)

  • Satapon Wirojwong (BCA Treasurer)

  • Albert Klein (Director-at-large focusing on Newsletter Distribution)

  • Renee Cillis (Secretary)

  • Piper Yorke (Director-at-large representing Youth)

Volunteers are welcome to join us as Board Members or in a variety of other roles such as delivering our newsletter to your block, planning recreational programming, or helping out with community special events at the Bridgeport Community Centre. If you are interested in volunteering, send us an e-mail at with the role you want to help with.